Cute Motivation


Greetings again all my unfaithful readers. I would like to introduce my best and cutest work out amiga. My fiercly loyal, sometimes overly affectionate four legged daughter Gypsy. Yes woman’s best friend, my dog. Rescued not only from the cruel hands of get previous owners, but also the silencing needle so many unwanted pets fall victim to. Answering to her many endearing aliases, my little faux hyena is always ready for exercise. Her over the top, and energetic personality begs for you to get up and move. If you have a quadrupedal family member you have your own workout coach. As we all know the urge to purge will interrupt even the most devoted couch potato. Instead of a tedious task, think of a potty break as an  opportunity.  Lace up those shoes and take your pup for a brisk walk. If you have time to sit on your rear you have time to get in a little physical activity, as well as your friend. You’ll thank yourself once you have shed the pounds, and just imagine that look of gratitude on that adorable face. Wishing you and your furry children luck and good health.

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Hump day

Okay girls let’s talk fat and stereotypes, maybe you have heard this “all fat people eat fast food. Fat chicks are easy or fat people don’t have sex.” I was researching topics about weight and stereotypes recently, and thought I should put some misconceptions about the plump community to rest. Number one on our list of stereotypes “fat people are stupid” okay let me squash this gross injustice right now. Not only am I intellegent but perhaps the reason why some may come to such a conclusion resides in their inability to comprehend me. Or are so narcissistic they don’t care to consider anyone else’s abilities except their own. Number two “fat people don’t diet.” Not only do we diet but we are the reason there is such a depressingly huge market of snake oil salesmen. Peddling their magic pills and secrets to looking like that eighteen year old swimsuit model, whom had never had a ounce of fat on their twelve year old little boy bodies, in their entire fortunate existence. Perhaps the problem is in America’s obsession with instant gratification. We diet, but we try one hopeless fad  after another. Loosing only a few pounds and subsequently gaining all the weight back and then some the second we go off the implement of social pressure. Case and point I personally have been on one form of a diet after another since I was five. I have been beaten over the head with what I should stive to look like. Yet here I am today the size of three adults. The third atrocity “fat people don’t exercise” again I will use my own experience. I have danced most of my life. From gymnastics, ballet, tap, jazz, ballroom, and musical theater I have tried it all. Still my weight persisted. Then in high school I was on the track team as well as weight lifting. Still my weight tipped the scale. I hear those nay sayers “you were eating more than you were expending.” At that time in my life I was only consuming dinner when I came home from school. I was so self conscious I didn’t want anyone to see me eat. My caloric intake could have only topped six to seven hundred calories a day. Suffering through a muscle abusing hour of anaerobic exercise.  Followed by another two hours of grueling aerobic exercise. Yes including that least favorite physical activity of mine running. My coach made us prance around that never ending oval, I’m convinced for his own amusement, everyday after school. Riddle me this batman, why was my maximum weight loss only ten pounds. Number four “fat people only eat fast food.” I was raised in a home of traditional values, home cooked meals, sitting at the dinner table with family. We only perused through the lane of gastric contraband when on a road trip to my insufferable relatives. Number five “fat people make bad employees.”  I work at a facility many have nightmares about. Think Shutter Island or Girls Interrupted.  I am the orderly for the mentally disordered. A very physically and mentally taxing profession. I work sixteen hour days back to back. My nurse who has one of those proceeding reputations for being difficult to please tells me I am never allowed to leave. Her reasoning, I am the only one that comes ready to work, and she can trust to take care of the patients. Props to the fat girl. Number six “fat people aren’t healthy.” Here are my stats. My blood pressure is constantly one twenty two over seventy. My pulse only rises about eighty four when I exercise. No diabetes, no high cholesterol, no arthritis. Yes some hefty people have health issues, but take into account my uncle who has a healthy weight, no sodium, sugar, or fatty food eating habit has high cholesterol and blood pressure. Account for that paradox. Finally “fat people don’t have sex” or “fat chicks are easy.” Alright let’s quell the first myth. I and many voluptuous ladies out there have sex. Hours if mind numbing, toe curling, jesus invoking pleasurable sex. Many ladies and gentlemen of the large waist bands are in happy healthy relationships, filled with meaningful and exhilarating sex. As for being easy, any bimbo will spread her legs for a light breeze. No matter a womans girth, if she has an iota of self respect and integrity she still say no to the never ending sexual advances from man looking for a quick trist. Closing note, though I am on a journey of weight loss doesn’t mean I feel in anyway separate from this ignorant assumptions of shallow witless neanderthals. Open your eyes and your heart and be aware of the feelings off those different from yourself. None of us are perfect as I have already stated, but it doesn’t hurt to inject our lives with kindness. Wishing everyone luck and good health.


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Wacky Weekend

Greetings once again all my devoties. Every step of a journey is a learning experience. This past weekend you may have noticed my absence. Confession, temptation is a bitch, and I kicked her ass. My dizzying weekend began Friday and didn’t end until very late Sunday night. I spent more time in my aunts heat magnet of a car, than anywhere. Sweating is my least favorite activity. For which Florida has given me plenty of occasion to participate in. But my perspiration is not the issue at hand, let’s talk temptation. I love chinese food, so when the offer of an evening at one of the best chinese restraints was presented I couldn’t say no. Now I here you, calories, think of the calories. Well thanks to that nifty little application in my phone I kept track of every savory morsel. I am happy to say I am still on track. Then came Saturday, another sweltering day beneath the unrelenting Florida sun. After taking my pups for a heart stopping and wallet draining trip to the vet, my grandmother and I cruised into sonic. Nope not for the artery clogging coneys but for their fruity refreshments. Yeah still high in calories but better than fully indulging in the temptation of fast food depravity. As Saturday wound down I received a rather surprising invitation from my mother to join her for dinner. Upon accepting the invitation I was informed of the intended destination. That ye old wing house you may know as Hooters. I have to admit I rarely dine out but for some reason this weekend seemed to be a never ending reason to cheat on my goals. Again my loyal phone aided in keeping me focused. Thankfully I ended the day with calories to spare. Sunday was much better for avoiding temptations. A healthy breakfast, light lunch, then a very tasty, yet intelligent dinner of taste bud pleasing roast with very little fat. I ended the day with one of my favorite but smart deserts. The delightful combination of smooth frozen real coconut treat on a stick. A Edy’s real fruit coconut bar. Delicious and much better than a huge bowl of ice-cream for a staggering one thousand calories. So even though we are surrounded by temptations doesn’t mean we have to head that sirens call. Give yourself a little credit and if you are put in the situation where you know you are going to slip, set limits ahead of time and stick with it. Wishing you all luck, and good health.


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Day 2

Greetings once again curious surfers of the information highway. It is day two and this woman who needs gingko biloba to remember to take gingko biloba is still focused on a quest for health. Now I am not a dietician, or hold a diploma related to anything medical. I am simply am overly verbal opinionated person. This journey is born of trial and error. Diet pills, magic shakes, and one fad diet after another since I was five have lead me to one irripressible truth. There is no such thing as instant gratification. Results take work and I have one long strenuous year ahead of me. In my last blog entry I confessed I am morbidly obese at twenty three. Todays confession is I have the focus and will power of a speck of dust in a wind storm. In order to rectify my inability to remember commitment I have come up with a list that will aid me from day to day to achieve my goals.

1. Food Journal- mindlessly shoveling food into the large gaping orifice on my face, doesn’t get the weight results I hoped for. So I installed the My Fitness Pal application on my T-mobile My Touch phone. This gift from above keeps track of my calories and nutritional intake, as well as my exercise. Simplifying everything down to a few minutes every day. No more excuse.

2.Start a Blog- this helps make a mindful effort to track my progress and speak openly about the roller coaster of my journey.

3.Stay Positive- positive affirmations are a great way to keep up momentum. You don’t need to go out and purchase a book. The internet contains stock piles off inspirational affirmations.

4.Read Food Labels- you would be surprised to know how many calories a bagel hides inside its yummy unassuming crust.

5.Say No to the Microwave- most foods that are a quick fix have tones of calories and salt.

6.Say No to Extra Portions- you don’t need it.

7. Limit Beverages with Sugar- I was born and raised in sunny, manic climate confused Florida. Sweet ice tea is part of the culture. I drank sweet tea as much as I could, until I found out each refreshing glass was one hundred ten calories. I could drink three at dinner alone. For those of you out there who live for sodas. They are just as bad, if not worse. I have switched to sugar free tea and water. Also watch out for fruit juices even “healthy” drinks have calories.

8.Make Conscious Choices About What You Put in Your Mouth- okay you can have that one McDonald’s Sausage Egg McMuffin for four hundred fifty calories. Or you can choose two eggs, two strips of bacon, a piece of buttered toast, and a cup of cantalope for three hundred forty five  calories. Which makes a better meal?

9. Attitude- find a reason to be healthy. Focusing on looks isn’t the way to success. I would rather be a reasonable size and healthy. Than trying to kill myself to be a size two.

10.Workout- find a workout that you enjoy. My brother procured the P90X dvds, at which I participated in the practice of archaic torture. Never again, but dancing on the other hand I can’t find a better way to spend my time. Zumba, belly dancing, and bollywood are among the home workout dvds that you can acquire at All of which I enjoy. Just thirty minutes of belly dancing burns three hundred seventy six calories. Yeah and I know what you are thinking. As long as it gets this fast girl moving I don’t care what I look like.

11. Life Style- look at the changes you make as a life style change not as a diet. When we “diet” it is a temporary mind set. To be healthy we have to change or lives permanently.

12. Daily Routine- I’ll admit I live to nap. There was a time when I wanted sleeping to be a sport. Now I see all cat napping has done is further my weight dilemma. Instead set your alarm a little earlier to prepare for the day or get in a quick workout. Or take your dog for a walk around the neighborhood. Both out you could share in the benefits of physical activity.

13.Set Limits-how much time do you spend a day imitating a vegetable in front of that hypnotic electronic siren, the television? Or worshiping that god of eternal diversions known as a computer? Imagine if you used that time to exercise? Better yet why don’t you move that dusty treadmill so you can  see the television. That way you can get that tookus moving and catch your favorite program all at the same time. Can you say multitasking?

14. Grocery List- if it will be a temptation don’t buy it. I have a colossal sweet tooth. If there is a piece of chocolate in the house I obsess about it until I eat it or eat everything in the house.

15.Surroundings- if you see it you will think about it. Tucking that old treadmill in the garage or basement won’t inspire you into motion. Bring out out into a room you frequent all the time. Make the treadmill you own set of Gieco eyes.

16. Support- get everyone involved. Your family is the first line of support. If your family doesn’t get involved your likelihood of success is greatly diminished. If your family joins in your journey to weight loss you can all keep yourselves motivated. Over Eaters Anonimous is another option. Or recruit a skinny friend. Letting her in on your tribulations, and asking for helpful reminders can also help keep you on the straight and narrow. Help is out there. All you have to do is ask.

17.Spiritual- meditate, pray, wear a charm, or ask others to pay for you. What ever your religion incorporate your spirituality to your goals. Medicine can only do so much then comes God.

18. Mental Health- depression and stress can contribute to weight gain as well as result from it. When I felt the sting of depression I gorged myself for comfort. Which in turned made me even more depressed. A vicious cycle insued making me the maine mammal I am today.

19. Goals- if you feel like a failure you will fail. So instead of impossible goals that are certain to leave you feeling defeated, focus on each day. Did I eat right today, and did I do my workout, should be the focus not the number on the scale. The results will materialize as long as you stick with it.

20. Determination- we are human. None of us can truthfully claim to be perfect. If you do not commit to your goal whole heartedly you will fail. There will be bumps in the road, you have to be determined to pick yourself back up and trudge on. No excuses, no procrastinations, no road blocks. You have to push through everything to see results. I have used the excuse before I’m too tired. Now the only thing I am tired of is being fat.

This all add up to a new mind,  soul, and what we all want, body. I have all the foundations for success. I have the drive to change. Wishing everyone luck and good health.


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Hello world!

Hello world or the impersonal void that is the internet. Salutations from the under simulated and over fed. My name is Heather, I have a confession, I am a morbidly obese twenty three year old american. Shocking right, well not really. Fifty eight million Americans are over weight. Of those three million decided to be over achievers and take fat to side show proportions. As for myself I have one thing these other titanic couch potatoes don’t possess. I have the astonishing ability to be brutally honest about my imperfections. I weigh as much as a large adult tigress, kimodo dragon, medium size black bear. None of which any human should be compared to. It is my fault. I allowed myself to indulge in glutinous portions. Like many of my zaftig peers I came up with excuse after excuse of rediculous enabling reasons why the pounds made themselves at home on my body. At the end of the day no amount of lying to myself could hide the fact that all the extra portions, sugary treats, and sedentary behavior, made me a walking punch line. Today that ends. I have taken responsibility for my needless obsession with food. I am facing my own horrible reality. I am taking back my life, and my health. For one year I endeavor to shut my mouth, push away from the table, quit bending my elbow, and lose one hundred and seventy pounds. Should I accomplish this feat of epic proportions I will gift myself with a trip I have dreamed about for as long as I have been aware of a map. A dream cruise of the mediterranean. I vow to do what ever it takes to achieve my goals. No matter how much my stomach groans, and my mind wants to give up, I will preserver. So here we go, one door in front of the other. Wish me luck, and good health.

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