Hello world!

Hello world or the impersonal void that is the internet. Salutations from the under simulated and over fed. My name is Heather, I have a confession, I am a morbidly obese twenty three year old american. Shocking right, well not really. Fifty eight million Americans are over weight. Of those three million decided to be over achievers and take fat to side show proportions. As for myself I have one thing these other titanic couch potatoes don’t possess. I have the astonishing ability to be brutally honest about my imperfections. I weigh as much as a large adult tigress, kimodo dragon, medium size black bear. None of which any human should be compared to. It is my fault. I allowed myself to indulge in glutinous portions. Like many of my zaftig peers I came up with excuse after excuse of rediculous enabling reasons why the pounds made themselves at home on my body. At the end of the day no amount of lying to myself could hide the fact that all the extra portions, sugary treats, and sedentary behavior, made me a walking punch line. Today that ends. I have taken responsibility for my needless obsession with food. I am facing my own horrible reality. I am taking back my life, and my health. For one year I endeavor to shut my mouth, push away from the table, quit bending my elbow, and lose one hundred and seventy pounds. Should I accomplish this feat of epic proportions I will gift myself with a trip I have dreamed about for as long as I have been aware of a map. A dream cruise of the mediterranean. I vow to do what ever it takes to achieve my goals. No matter how much my stomach groans, and my mind wants to give up, I will preserver. So here we go, one door in front of the other. Wish me luck, and good health.

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