Wacky Weekend

Greetings once again all my devoties. Every step of a journey is a learning experience. This past weekend you may have noticed my absence. Confession, temptation is a bitch, and I kicked her ass. My dizzying weekend began Friday and didn’t end until very late Sunday night. I spent more time in my aunts heat magnet of a car, than anywhere. Sweating is my least favorite activity. For which Florida has given me plenty of occasion to participate in. But my perspiration is not the issue at hand, let’s talk temptation. I love chinese food, so when the offer of an evening at one of the best chinese restraints was presented I couldn’t say no. Now I here you, calories, think of the calories. Well thanks to that nifty little application in my phone I kept track of every savory morsel. I am happy to say I am still on track. Then came Saturday, another sweltering day beneath the unrelenting Florida sun. After taking my pups for a heart stopping and wallet draining trip to the vet, my grandmother and I cruised into sonic. Nope not for the artery clogging coneys but for their fruity refreshments. Yeah still high in calories but better than fully indulging in the temptation of fast food depravity. As Saturday wound down I received a rather surprising invitation from my mother to join her for dinner. Upon accepting the invitation I was informed of the intended destination. That ye old wing house you may know as Hooters. I have to admit I rarely dine out but for some reason this weekend seemed to be a never ending reason to cheat on my goals. Again my loyal phone aided in keeping me focused. Thankfully I ended the day with calories to spare. Sunday was much better for avoiding temptations. A healthy breakfast, light lunch, then a very tasty, yet intelligent dinner of taste bud pleasing roast with very little fat. I ended the day with one of my favorite but smart deserts. The delightful combination of smooth frozen real coconut treat on a stick. A Edy’s real fruit coconut bar. Delicious and much better than a huge bowl of ice-cream for a staggering one thousand calories. So even though we are surrounded by temptations doesn’t mean we have to head that sirens call. Give yourself a little credit and if you are put in the situation where you know you are going to slip, set limits ahead of time and stick with it. Wishing you all luck, and good health.


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