Hump day

Okay girls let’s talk fat and stereotypes, maybe you have heard this “all fat people eat fast food. Fat chicks are easy or fat people don’t have sex.” I was researching topics about weight and stereotypes recently, and thought I should put some misconceptions about the plump community to rest. Number one on our list of stereotypes “fat people are stupid” okay let me squash this gross injustice right now. Not only am I intellegent but perhaps the reason why some may come to such a conclusion resides in their inability to comprehend me. Or are so narcissistic they don’t care to consider anyone else’s abilities except their own. Number two “fat people don’t diet.” Not only do we diet but we are the reason there is such a depressingly huge market of snake oil salesmen. Peddling their magic pills and secrets to looking like that eighteen year old swimsuit model, whom had never had a ounce of fat on their twelve year old little boy bodies, in their entire fortunate existence. Perhaps the problem is in America’s obsession with instant gratification. We diet, but we try one hopeless fad  after another. Loosing only a few pounds and subsequently gaining all the weight back and then some the second we go off the implement of social pressure. Case and point I personally have been on one form of a diet after another since I was five. I have been beaten over the head with what I should stive to look like. Yet here I am today the size of three adults. The third atrocity “fat people don’t exercise” again I will use my own experience. I have danced most of my life. From gymnastics, ballet, tap, jazz, ballroom, and musical theater I have tried it all. Still my weight persisted. Then in high school I was on the track team as well as weight lifting. Still my weight tipped the scale. I hear those nay sayers “you were eating more than you were expending.” At that time in my life I was only consuming dinner when I came home from school. I was so self conscious I didn’t want anyone to see me eat. My caloric intake could have only topped six to seven hundred calories a day. Suffering through a muscle abusing hour of anaerobic exercise.  Followed by another two hours of grueling aerobic exercise. Yes including that least favorite physical activity of mine running. My coach made us prance around that never ending oval, I’m convinced for his own amusement, everyday after school. Riddle me this batman, why was my maximum weight loss only ten pounds. Number four “fat people only eat fast food.” I was raised in a home of traditional values, home cooked meals, sitting at the dinner table with family. We only perused through the lane of gastric contraband when on a road trip to my insufferable relatives. Number five “fat people make bad employees.”  I work at a facility many have nightmares about. Think Shutter Island or Girls Interrupted.  I am the orderly for the mentally disordered. A very physically and mentally taxing profession. I work sixteen hour days back to back. My nurse who has one of those proceeding reputations for being difficult to please tells me I am never allowed to leave. Her reasoning, I am the only one that comes ready to work, and she can trust to take care of the patients. Props to the fat girl. Number six “fat people aren’t healthy.” Here are my stats. My blood pressure is constantly one twenty two over seventy. My pulse only rises about eighty four when I exercise. No diabetes, no high cholesterol, no arthritis. Yes some hefty people have health issues, but take into account my uncle who has a healthy weight, no sodium, sugar, or fatty food eating habit has high cholesterol and blood pressure. Account for that paradox. Finally “fat people don’t have sex” or “fat chicks are easy.” Alright let’s quell the first myth. I and many voluptuous ladies out there have sex. Hours if mind numbing, toe curling, jesus invoking pleasurable sex. Many ladies and gentlemen of the large waist bands are in happy healthy relationships, filled with meaningful and exhilarating sex. As for being easy, any bimbo will spread her legs for a light breeze. No matter a womans girth, if she has an iota of self respect and integrity she still say no to the never ending sexual advances from man looking for a quick trist. Closing note, though I am on a journey of weight loss doesn’t mean I feel in anyway separate from this ignorant assumptions of shallow witless neanderthals. Open your eyes and your heart and be aware of the feelings off those different from yourself. None of us are perfect as I have already stated, but it doesn’t hurt to inject our lives with kindness. Wishing everyone luck and good health.


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