Cute Motivation


Greetings again all my unfaithful readers. I would like to introduce my best and cutest work out amiga. My fiercly loyal, sometimes overly affectionate four legged daughter Gypsy. Yes woman’s best friend, my dog. Rescued not only from the cruel hands of get previous owners, but also the silencing needle so many unwanted pets fall victim to. Answering to her many endearing aliases, my little faux hyena is always ready for exercise. Her over the top, and energetic personality begs for you to get up and move. If you have a quadrupedal family member you have your own workout coach. As we all know the urge to purge will interrupt even the most devoted couch potato. Instead of a tedious task, think of a potty break as an  opportunity.  Lace up those shoes and take your pup for a brisk walk. If you have time to sit on your rear you have time to get in a little physical activity, as well as your friend. You’ll thank yourself once you have shed the pounds, and just imagine that look of gratitude on that adorable face. Wishing you and your furry children luck and good health.

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